OOAK Edria Head

La Legende de Temps is auctioning off an OOAK doll head on the website.

From the company:

Glad to tell you that I decided to put my ONE OFF Little Edria head (white skin, with unique face-up, in the picture this head is on Luts Girl NS body) for auction here.
If you are interested in my doll,please sent an email with your expected price to
with the following information:

The Head:
Expected Price:

Auction Details are as follows:

Starting Price: $260(exclude postage)
This auction will start: 24:00 28/04/2013
This auction will end : 24:00 12/05/2013
( in China time)

Current Price: ——— High Bidder: ———

Bidding is anonymous and the bidder name/email will be replaced as ***
If you want me to mark your name and price here in public,please let me know
I appreciate all your trusting in the auction whatever who will get the doll at last.
Thank you for your supporting and participation.

Enjoy and good luck to everybody!

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