Poppy Pre-order

Bo Bergemann of Bergemann Dolls is now offering her latest doll Poppy for pre-order.

From the artist:

Large MSD BJD Poppy

These dolls are 46cm or 19″ large MSD original quality resin BJD’s.

All the info. and lots more photos can be found on my website at http://www.bergemanndolls.com or the Poppy Pre-Order website at http://www.designer-doll.com

Poppy comes in a choice of brown sugar, pink sugar or opaque shimmer resin. The doll comes with a choice of “expressive” or “peaceful” hands. She may be ordered blank, with factory face-up or with an artist face-up. Optional limited edition versions of Poppy are also available. Please refer to her website for styles and availability.

The official Pre-Order for these dolls will run through May 20th 2013. The dolls will be delivered in Oct 2013 at the latest. Poppy wears regular MSD shoes and her body can fit well in many larger MSD and some SD sized doll patterns & clothing. The doll may be purchased by payment plan, but dolls paid in full will receive free shipping.

Poppy with "expressive" hands

Pink sugar resin Poppy with “expressive” hands

Brown sugar resin Poppy

Brown sugar resin Poppy with “peaceful” hands

Shimmer resin Poppt

Shimmer resin Poppy