LeekeWorld News

A schedule has been posted at Leeke World for the end of April and for the month of May. Currently dolls Valentina and Little Bird may be pre-ordered.

From the company:

May 1st~May 19th – Art Wig
-. New Art Wigs will be released.
-. Pre-order

April 25th~May 26th – Valentina
-. It is possible to choose the head Only.
-. Basic Skin or Snow Skin
-. Basic Set

April 25th~May 26th – Little Bird
-. Human Body or Bird Body
-. Basic skin
-. Basic Set

May 6th – Spring Shoes
-. Spring Shoes will be released.

May 9th – Eyes in stock.
-. We will update D24, D400 and Kanis eyes only canceled quantity.

May 9th – Lace
-. We will sell the diverse lace.

May 14th~19th – Gift Event
-. We will update the details information.

19cm tall Little Bird is available in basic skin resin. She comes with a choice of a bird body or a human body. Face-up and body painting are optional.

40cm tall Valentina is available in a choice of basic or snow skin resin. She comes with the A type art body. Optional face-up and body blushing are available.

Little Bird

Little Bird