Flower Garden Ante

New MiniFee Ante with the new M(Moe)-line body is now available at Fairyland. She is being sold as a Full Package doll in a choice of natural or beautiful white skin resin. Flower Garden Ante comes with the full bust size Moe body, face-up, a pair of eyes, wig, outfit and shoes. Options include an additional sleeping head, and face-up for the head. As a special gift, the company is offering a choice of magnetically attached normal feet, heel feet or  glamour bust.

From the company:

M-Line “Feet Gift Option”

As a special promotion, customers purchasing MiniFee M-Line bodies and/or A la Carte between 19 April, 2013 ~ 12 May, 2013 will receive an additional pair of feet. Customes can choose between normal feet and high-heeled feet for magnetic ankle joint.

This option will become unavailable after the stated promotion period.

M-Line body will come with normal M-Line feet (slightly smaller than A/B-Line normal feet).
During special promotion period, customer will receieve either normal feet (same size as A/B-Line normal feet) OR high heeled feet (same size as A/B-Line high heeled feet) of chosen type additionally.