Alexander Artisan Head

Artist cast heads of Alexander are currently being offered at a discount on Nene Doll. The heads will go up in price on May 10. The 1/3 size heads are cast in Marzipan resin (similar to Volks). Alexander may be purchased blank or a face-up may be additionally ordered.

From the artist:

~Alexander Nx-1, Nx.3 and Nx-5 have special artist mod in ears. Nx-6 isn’t modded in the top of ears so pouring gates are slightly seen.

~Alexander head is best suited for broad shoulder bodys, height around 65cm or higher, or necks around 10.5cm.

~Each head has its number carved behind.

~He is wearing 14mm Dollshecraft eyes in the pictures.

~Artisan heads have a sliding headcap without magnets.

~Artisan casts may contain very few micro air bubbles where pouring gates are located in the mold, marbling or birthmarks that don’t affect the aesthetics of the doll, since aren’t very noticeable. Sometimes a special modification is done where this happen, making the doll more unique.

Alexander-story-121 Alexander-story-261