Yeundu Full-set

Domadoll doll artist Domando has returned.  The artist is offering a full-set Yeundu.

From Domando:

Domadoll style, Yeundo (It means yellow-green, symbol of freshness in spring season)
Needless to say she is lovely. Her dress is made of flower pattern and colors Domadoll likes. And she can be switched as the bag with legs.

This can fit nicely with all kinds of clothes. It makes you a very special person.

* The pattern of skirt is random.
*K-yeondu is ten-piece limited doll.
*Detail : Yeondu, High heels part, Wig, Make-up, Set of the dress, Art bag

You can only order by email.

The artist plans to have new products in a month or two. 

From DomaDoll website:

Domadoll opens the new office and starts working on new dolls which will be unique and special that you can find only in Domadoll.

It is supposed to be shown on May and June. We can’t wait introducing them to you.

As Yahoo Korea halted its service in Korea, all pictures and data of Domadoll were deleted. This is heartbreaking.
Please visit the website, www.domadoll.com, if you would like to see remaining pictures. Updating new ones will be only on flickr. Please add me.
flickr  –> http://www.flickr.com/photos/domadollis
facebook–> https://www.facebook.com/domadoll.domadoll