Rosen Lied News

Rosen Lied is preparing to release new limited edition full-set dolls. Six of the dolls may be seen in the Coming Soon section on the website. In honor of the company’s 6th anniversary, two of the dolls are Memorial The One dolls. Only one of each Tuesday’s Child doll is being sold.  The remaining releases are limited editions. A small free gift will be sent with all limited doll orders.

From the company:

Hello, this is Rosen Lied.
Here is the new update list for April 26th.

**The update will be at 7:00 pm (KST/GMT+9)**

[Memorial The one]

Tuesday’s Child Noah
Make up by Rollingpumpkin
Outfit by GiGiker

Tuesday’s Child Arina
Make up by Kana
Outfit by GiGiker

[Limited dolls]

-Monday’s Child Apple (White skin)
Limited to 10
Make up by LiNi
Outfit by GiGiker

-Tuesday’s Child Maret (ver. girl) (white skin)
Limited to 25
Make up by Kana
Outfit by Rollingpumpkin

-Wednesday’s Child Rose (Normal skin)
Limited to 15
Make up by Oscar
Outfit design by Rollingpumpkin

-Wednesday’s Child Jerome (ver.boy) (White skin)
Limited to 20
Make up by Rollingpumpkin
Outfit design by Rollingpumpkin

Tuesday’s Child Maret (ver. girl)’s outfit artist was changed to
Rollingpumpkin from la-chatonne.
We are very sorry for this sudden notice.

* 6th anniversary present

We are giving small present of eco bags to everyone who purchase limited dolls.

We thank everybody who has been giving us so much support over these 6 years,
and we will always do our best to create beautiful dolls.
Thank you very much!!!


"The One" Noah

“The One” Noah

"The One"Arina

“The One”Arina


LE Apple


LE Marat

LE Marat

LE Jerome

LE Jerome

LE Rose

LE Rose