Alice in Wonderland Tiny Delf

Luts has released  their Alice in Wonderland dolls.

From the company:

Releasing Alice in Wonderland

* Limited Edition.

* Title : Tiny Delf ALICE, Tiny Delf 20 ALICE, Tiny Delf 20 PETER,
Tiny Delf 20 GRETEL, 2* Febric Delf CAMOMILE

* Release date : 23th APR 2013 12:00 PM~
Limited period Only : PM 12:00 23th April 2013 ~
PM 12:00 22th May 2013

Alice, the Queen of Hearts (with Gretel doll head) and Hatter (Peter head) BJDs are available with the Tiny Delf 20 body. Alice is also available as a 16cm tall Tiny Delf doll. All the dolls may be ordered in real skin white, normal or brown resin. Each doll is sold blank with a pair of eyes. Options for the dolls include face-up, body blushing, wig, outfit and shoes.

Alice 20cm and 16cm version

Alice 20cm and 16cm version

Queen of Hearts (Gretel head)

Queen of Hearts



All dolls (including fabric Delf rabbits)

All dolls (including fabric Delf rabbits)