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Pipos has posted an announcement about  PI, Jr.PI and some PO11 dolls.

From the company:

Hello. This is Piposdoll.

We would like to deeply thank all our customers for showing so much love for our dolls.
It is an announcement about sold out dolls.

We decided to sold out PO11(partially), PI and Jr.PI dolls from May 1, 2013 until further notice.
We’ll look forward to seeing you again!

Also, Trudy Gift Edition (yellow pale) and Trudy Gift Edition (pinky) will be sold out due to manufacturing reason.
We’re sorry for this inconvenience.

< PIPOS sold out dolls>

Mari basic edition
Ron basic edition
Joel basic edition
Noel basic edition
Dreaming Mari basic edition
ED Basic edition
Dorothy Gift edition
Tin Woodman Gift edition

Cheshire Basic edition
star Cheshire Basic
Bao Basic edition
Heero Basic edition
Baha Basic edition
Curo Basic edition
G.Vanilla Baha Gift edition

Trudy Gift Edition (yellow pale)
Trudy Gift Edition (pinky)
Cheese mouse Basic
Rooney Basic edition
C.Vanilla Ringo Basic edition
Ringo Basic edition

Thank you very much!


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