The Mirror

Sugarble is now offering their latest doll from the series The She on their website.  The doll is no.1-S The Mirror.

From the company:

Recently we are quite busy with preparing the last of “She”series, which also brings another beginning of the new series –

“The Mirror”, and it will going to be a long story.

We are also planning to hold an event for our launch of new series, you can look forward to it.

We hope you all enjoy in spring days. Have a nice day. Thank you.

Notice for our new event – “The Mirror”

Event No.1 (April.20th ~ may.9th : for 20days)
– 10% discount for “The Mirror”

Event No.2 (April.20th ~ may.9th : for 20days) –
One head parts of SugarsleekR will be given as a gift for purchaser of “The Mirror”

The Mirror may be ordered in normal, pure bright or pale grey resin. Customers may choose a girl, glamour or intersex body. The Mirror with human body is 26cm tall.

Optional resin parts are available for the doll including a Medusa wig and Medusa tail in a choice of white or black resin. Other options include face-up, body blushing and parts blushing. The free gift head may be chosen by the customer and optionally may be faced-up. The outfit shown on The Mirror is also optionally available.

To see the making-of story featured on BJDcollectasy for this doll, please click the banner below: