FairyLand News

Fairyland has released a new MiniFee body called the M-line (Moe) body.  The body is available with two bust sizes. In addition a new MiniFee teaser has been posted on the FairyLand Blog. The doll is MiniFee Ante.

From the company:

It is our pleasure to announce the release of new body type for MiniFee, M-Line.

M-Line stands for Moe Line and it has various body parts which are compatible with A-Line body.

M-Line body has slightly different body measurements and body parts compared to existing MiniFee bodies,
but various extra body parts will help reduce compatibility issues.

MiniFee M-Line A la Carte will be released today. M-Line Full Packages are due to be released next week.

As a special promotion, customers purchasing MiniFee M-Line bodies and/or A la Carte between
19 April, 2013 ~ 12 May, 2013 will be able to choose between normal feet and high-heeled feet.

This option will become unavailable after the stated promotion period.

There will be a small gift prepared for M-Line Full Package as well.
More information will be posted closer to the release date.

Information on M-Line body

– Existing MiniFee bodies (A-Line and B-Line) are NOT being discontinued.

– A-Line hands (Mag-on hands) can be used on M-Line wrists.

– A-Line feet (S-hook ankle/feet) are NOT compatible with M-Line ankles (magnetic ankle/feet).
We will be releasing extra parts which will allow swapping of ankle/feet between A-Line and M-Line.

– Measurements, especially the height and leg lengths, vary between A-Line and M-Line.
Please refer to the measurement table page for more information.

– Bust and legs can be swapped between A-Line and M-Line.

– Two types of bust are available for M-Line so far. Other (smaller) size may be released in the future.



Moe body with Glamour bust (left) and full bust

Moe body with Glamour bust (left) and full bust