Migi Events Starts

Migidoll has designed new face-ups for dolls Ryu and Cho. A Free face-up  is being offered to a limited number of customers. 10 doll heads of each sculpt will be faced-up for free. The event started  today at 10:00 AM Korean time.  The event will end when all the heads are purchased or at 6PM in April 22, 2013. Heads only or complete doll purchases are eligible for the event. Resin colors available include type A normal and white and type B normal and white.

Migi’s sister site Cherish doll is renewing the 1/6 size  Love line.  The last sale for 25.5cm tall Clara, Emma and Toto is currently being held at Migidoll.The dolls are being offered at a discount. New Love line dolls will appear in May. Emma, Toto and Clara may be ordered in type A normal or white resin. A face-up may be optionally ordered.