Ocean Moon News

Ocean Moon has opened pre-orders for the company’s 50cm tall dolls HaNee, SaYu-HaNee and SaYu-BoNee. A limited number of pre-orders will be accepted.

From Ocean Moon:

1) Which dolls?
[HaNee] [SaYu-HaNee] [SaYu-BoNee] 3 types are available for sale.
※[BoNee] is excluded since she is being discontinued.

2) Changes on the body
Elbow joints are upgraded to double-joints, therefore the bodies produced this year come with better mobility.

3) Price increase on Face-up
Face-up price had to go up due to our health issues.

4) Decrease on Shipping
Shipping fee has gone down.

From one mold, about 20 bodies can be manufactured.
This 20 is the quantity for Korea, Japan, not to mention Americas and everywhere, “all over the globe”.

When this quantity gets all sold, production will cease for the year of 2013.
And for now, we are unable to predict when those types will be manufactured again, even in 2014 or 2015.

We have come to a conclusion that we are simply unable to maintain all types of mold and stock.

At Oceanmoon, only 2 members execute all types of work, from design to shipping.
It is necessary for us to separate a period of preparing shipment and a period of designing a new doll.

Sometimes dolls get discontinued after one manufacture, such as [SeoLin] or [BoNee],
or even if there is a plan for re-release,
a long term comes in between, such as the case as [EunRyoung] or [EunHo]; there is a waiting period of 3 years (or more) for them.

Purchase of a specific type of a doll may be only smooth around the time when a purchase notice is posted by us,
that is, purchase of the dolls we are “focusing on” at the time.
If you order a doll after it is sold out, we are unable to order another batch of it to the factory, the demand of order being one or two.

I believe our customers who purchase the dolls now could label them as [Oceanmoon’s 2013 Limited Doll].
Of course, we will send a certificate guaranteeing this fact when we ship your item.
If you place an order now, shipping will begin from June this year.

★What’s going on currently at Oceanmoon★

1) 26cm body’s mold is out of use too, therefore manufacture of it has to cease for now.
Some of [Lin] NS, WS we have in stock are for Japan Auction or Korean market,
but if you order them before the notice goes up, we can turn the item for you.
For now, we plan on focusing on designing 50cm bodies’ new molds,
therefore we are unable to predict when 26cm dolls will re-release.

2) 50cm Girl [BoNee] : [Miko BoNee] currently up on Yahoo!Japan Auction is the only one left. ONLY ONE and no more!
She will be discontinued afterwards and we do not plan on re-releasing her.

3) 60cm Head, [Sayu ShouRyu] : we have his White Skin / Normal Skin head in stock, ONLY ONE per EACH skin color;
if you are interested, please feel free to email us.