Sadol News

Sadol has released new outfits for 1/3 and 1/4 size dolls.

From the company:


This is sadol.

[Released items]

Suits series for BOY

*European style [EURO HOMME]

*Modern style [urban chic]


For MSD[The King]

*[The King Noble]msd

*[The King-Napoleon]msd

All costumes is possible to Individually sold.

Please give us your interest and love.

The new suit sets may be ordered custom-made for a wide variety of popular 1/3 boy dolls. The suits may be ordered in full or different parts may be purchased separately. 5 sets are shown on the site.

MSD size The King- Napoleon and The King – Noble fit various size 1/4 boys and girls. They are each available in a black and a red version. Individual items may also be purchased separately.


Euro Homme


Urban Chic



Noble King

Noble King