Boya & Hanwei

LoongSoul is now selling two Elegant line dolls, 68cm tall Boya & 63cm tall Hanwei. They are available as full dolls or, for a limited time, as heads only.

From the company:

New Line doll Boya & Hanwei
1. the 1st customer who purchase BoYa/HanWei doll could get Boya/HanWei ‘s clothes for free.
2. the 2nd~10th customer who purchase BoYa/HanWei doll could get free makeup.

Head order period: now~~~ 2013/04/15
Customer can order BoYa head only during this period.

The dolls may be ordered in opaque normal skin resin or for an extra fee french resin white-normal, pink-normal, yellow, real or tan. Basic dolls come with a pair of eyes.  Options available include face-up, outfit eyes in photos, wig and shoes. Boya additionally comes with an “SP kit” to allow the doll to be made taller.  A heightener is available for an additional fee.

Loongsoul dolls may be purchased from the company or through authorized retailers Mint on Card or Catas on Den of Angels (post for dolls on DoA is HERE.)

boya hanwei