#61 Missing Pieces

A new version of the waterfall skirt pattern has been released by gracefaerie designs to fit Kaye Wiggs 1/4 size girls.#61 Missing Pieces consists of the pattern pieces to make the waterfall skirt, over blouse corset and panties.

From gracefaerie:

Many of you asked to have the #60 Waterfall pattern re-drafted for Kaye’s MSD girls. Here you go!

#61 Missing Pieces: the waterfall skirt and the over-the-blouse corset sized for Kaye’s MSD girls. 

Combine the #61 pattern + the #49 corset + the #58 peasant blouse = Waterfall for Kaye’s MSD girls!

More photos and information:



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  • gracefaerie Mar 22, 2013, 1:03 am

    Thank you so much for sharing the new pattern!
    I’m so eager to see everyone’s interpretation of this Victorian-inspired design!

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