Dolltopia Thailand

Dolltopia will be held in early April in Bangkok, Thailand.  The event will feature a variety of dolls including BJDs.

Dolltopia event information:
Event : Dolltopia 2013
Date : April 6th, 2013
Time : 11:00 AM – 17:00 PM
Place : Siam @ Siam Design Hotel & Spa, Function Six, 6th Fl.
Dolltopia Event : https://www.facebook.com/DTPevent
Dolltopia Staff : dolltopia.event@gmail.com
Siam@Siam Hotel : http://www.siamatsiam.com/

Some companies have posted information about their participation in the event. Peak’s Woods has posted on the event’s Facebook page that they will be offering a 10% discount on dolls.

Other company’s promotions:

From Luts:

LUTS Lucky Draw

We will present 2 dolls (each) to the customers who purchase our dolls over USD $100 at LUTS booth.
They will be on display and after the display we will draw with 2 lucky winners. (16:00PM)
Don’t miss it!

We will show newly manufactured dolls.
Come and have a chance to meet them before anyone else.
You will be able to purchase some dolls in person. And also you can pre-order them at the LUTS booth.
We will offer free shipping for PRE-ORDER dolls.
New release will be opened at the end of March.

* There will be 5% off only for the display products if we bring extra.
* You will be able to get the purchasing products after the display (16:00PM).
We hope your understanding.
* If you want both of Delf CLAUS & NINA we will offer 25% off price for them and no more extra discount.


From Little Monica:


Little Monica "Giselle"

Little Monica “Giselle”