~Baby Bella~ a Review


Last Autumn, doll artist Bo Bergemann introduced a new 1/6 size girl doll body, which she called her “baby fat” body.  Unlike her previous doll body for that size which was made to resemble a pre-teen girl, the new body has a pudgy belly and derriere. The new “baby” dolls were designed to look younger, between toddler and pre-school. The first sculpts released were Bella Boo, Ella and Emmie.  The doll I received  is “Bella Boo”.  She is a younger version of the artist’s popular 1/4 size doll Bella.

babybellabooThe first thing I noticed about baby Bella was how heavy this BJD is for the 1/6 doll range. Little Bella has a large head and is as pudgy as described. Her head is about the same size as 1/4 size teenage Bella.  The mouth is a little different, and her neck opening is re-shaped to work with the new body. Baby Bella is cast in Bo’s pink sugar resin which is a little darker than her shimmer resin color.

As can be seen in the photos below, the new 1/6 doll is very different from Chloe, one of Bo’s previous dolls in 1/6 scale. The first line was designed to fit in many 1/6 fashions, but Baby Bella won’t fit into many of them. Her head is considerably larger than Chloe’s, and because of this she is taller, around 30cm.  DollZone Ante, one of the chunkier 1/6 girls available, is also dwarfed by Bella. The sculpting of the pudgy baby fat body does capture the look of a younger child, as does the head to body ratio. Bella wears 16mm eyes. She is able to wear size 7/8 wigs, but some were a little big for her. Stretchy ones work best.

Baby Bella is fully jointed including two torso joints, double jointed knees and elbows and upper thigh joints.  Bella and Chloe appear to share some parts, most noticeably their arms, hands and feet.When posing, Bella’s legs are a little kicky and can sometimes be tricky to position.  Glue or moleskin sueding in the hip joints would probably help with the problem. Also, like many dolls with thigh joints, Bella’s legs tend to spin around,  but once posed,  Bella stands very well even on somewhat uneven surfaces. Her round belly limits to some degree the movement of her torso joints. Bella’s elbows and knees hold their poses very well.

Baby-Bella-Ad-1Bella’s build is unique. Dressing her will require some forethought.  Her unusual measurements will limit the number of pre-made items she can wear. Bella fit in a pair of standard size 1/6 shoes. Some fitted waist items like skirts may fit over or under the doll’s belly. I made my Bella a simple skirt and jacket, and she stole the onsie off of my Kim Lasher Sweetpea which became a body suit for her. With the jacket, I fastened the skirt over her belly. In this version, Bella looked more formal as if she was going to visit her grandparents or  go to a nice restaurant with her family. With just the bodysuit, I fastened the skirt below her belly and let it hang out over the waist. Either way, she looks adorable!

One of the things I most enjoy about Bo’s BJDs is that they are very different from many dolls in the same scale. 1/6 girl dolls are usually produced to look like pretty children. Bo’s approach is instead to individualize her sculpts and create her own characters which she then shares with her collectors. Her distinctive style continues to attract more collectors enamored of her unique toddler-to-teen BJDs.

Photos above: Baby Bella, face-up by Bo, outfit by Charie Wilson Grenier, magazine ad for new “baby fat” Bella.

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Baby Bella (left) and Teen Bella

Baby Bella (left) and Teen Bella

baby bella2