1/3 Doll Furniture Set

Edendoll has opened a pre-order for a 1/3 scale furniture set. The set includes a white vanity table with drawers (dresser) and a matching stool.

From the retailer:

Contents: Dresser + little chair
Not included with: accessories and dolls
Accessories on table can be ordered later. (We are working hard to provide more effective way for ordering these tiny items)
Please follow our facebook for details and update

In order to save the cost of shipping and more effiective packaging, simple assembly work is needed

Date of delivery:the end of April
Weight: 4kg

Table size: 47cm width * 22cm depth * 28cm height (58cm with mirror)
Mirror size: Frame size 25cm Mirror size 17cm
Round chair height: 17cm

Delivery method:
EMS or Air parcel
(Both with tracking, please contact your postoffice to ensure tracking is provided in your country.)

URL: http://www.edendoll.com/en/product/AS005594

For more information, please contact us:
Email: info@edendoll.com
Facebook: Edendoll facebook

dh_dresser_02 dh_dresser_08

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