Dollmore has released Theo, a new doll by Gu mi-jeong.

From the company:

Introducing the sculpt designer Gu mi-jeong’s 4th ball jointed doll in our collection: Theo

This doll follows the designer’s previous Narsha, Zaoll and Ramie.

Theo has a pure heart with an “analogue sensibility”

And also stares at you with pensive yet handsome eyes

You can welcome Theo into your home; this doll will strike a chord with many Dollmore collectors.

He is made of normal resin and is delicately finished with attention to detail.

Please give him a space in your collection.


Theo is Zaoll’s boyfriend, he has the natural Asian bodyline.

Artist Gu mi-jeong tried to make Theo appear friendly and congenial.

This doll was in production for a long time, as some parts didn’t turn out the way she wanted.

But she has finally perfected Theo and hopes that he will be loved by many people.
60cm tall Theo is cast in normal skin resin. He comes with a random color pair of glass eyes, a random wig, and underwear. Options for the doll include default or custom face-up, partial or complete body blushing and seam sanding service.



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