Ivy the Impling

Currently Ivy the Impling is available at The Mushroom Peddler.  The doll is cast in fair skin resin.  Fair Ivy is a limited edition of 50 dolls.  She will be available until all of the dolls are sold. The 32cm tall doll comes blank or with face-up.

From the artist Sarah Seiter:

Your sweet Ivy will arrive nude with fair skin resin ball-jointed doll with face up similar to the face shown and a random color of eyes.

For a limited time, everyone who preorders fair Ivy will also receive a fullset of her tiny friend Slimy the Snail, a tiny BJD Bugling as a special gift from The Mushroom Peddler. A sketch of Ivy with Slimy is shown in the photos.

This resin ball-jointed doll is articulated/jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, thighs, knees, and ankles. She features swivel joints in the upper arms and thighs for easy posing. Her elbows are double jointed.

The first 12 dolls sold will also come with a free random outfit. Ivy is currently in pre-order with an estimated May/June delivery date.