Bat Children

The Bat Children are now available at Latidoll. There are twelve 16cm Lati Yellow Limited dolls to choose from including Rumi, Mystic Rumi, Ruki, Mystic Ruki, PS Lea, Sleeping SP Lea, Noa, Mystic Noa, SP Coco Sleeping SP Coco, Haru and Mystic Haru. Each BJD is sold with face-up shown, glass eyes and extra hand parts.

The Bat Children dolls will come with one head  but may be optionally ordered with both regular and sleeping/mystic faced-up head. All dolls are cast in normal resin or tan resin as shown however, normal skin dolls may also be ordered in tan resin for an extra fee.  Other options include outfit, shoes, painted wings (small or large) and painted skeleton stick or bat stick (with grab hand included). Body options are available (see doll description for choices). The Bat Children pre-order closes on March 22 (Korean time).

(from left) Rumi, SP Coco, Ruki, SP Lea, Noa & (sitting on floor) Haru

(from left) Rumi, SP Coco, Ruki, SP Lea, Noa & (sitting on floor) Haru

Detail, SP sleeping Lea

Detail- SP Sleeping Lea


Bat wings (black version)

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