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Migidoll will be retiring doll heads Vampire Miho and Vampire Ryu. They will be offered one last time in very limited quantities this month.

From the company:

* Thank you for your love to V.Ryu & V.miho. Unfortunately those two heads will go on sale for a month in March, and it will be the last sale.

* Even this will be the last time to sell. We like them to look nice, and prepared the limited make up heads as well. 10 heads for each.

* Event information about the limited edition of V.Ryu & V.Miho with make-up,

1). When? : Selling from a.m. on 11st March 2013 ’til each 10 heads run out.

2). Who can buy?: Those who places an order in Migidoll shopping mall during the event period.

3) Event

– Limited edition of V.Ryu & V.Miho with makeup, All type skin. 10 heads for each.

– When you order only a Makeup head of V.Ryu & V.Miho, a wig will be given as a gift.

– Photo book present.

– Certification of limited edition.

(For our customers who have a card, we are planning a special event.)

– Limited-type head box.
link to Vampire Miho head with Limited Makeup

link to Vampire Ryu head with Limited Makeup






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