~Humpty Dumpty Circus Clown~

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In 2013, BJDcollectasy will be introducing various dolls created by Nefer Kane styled by other artists as members of Circus Troupe Circus Kane. Every other month a new artist and doll presentation will be featured This project was created by doll maker and doll fashion designer Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls. The doll shown in her project is Nefer’s Humpty Dumpty.


By Connie Lowe of Marbled Halls

Nefer Kane, funny, compassionate, talented and humble, but most of all a true friend.

I met Nefer on Facebook through a mutual friend. I found her humor and wit to be magnetic and we soon became fast friends sharing laughs and at times tears. I admire her artistic talents as well her friendship, bringing home most of her creations. When I was first sculpting and had troubles with details and how to get that perfect smooth sculpt, Nefer was there with wonderful tips on what to do. I truly admire that about her, she is always willing to share her knowledge. She is one of the most dedicated and innovative artists I know.

I love all Nefer’s creations but the one that captures my heart most is ‘Humpty’. She makes me smile every time I look at her. Everything Nefer does is done with all her heart and it shows. Her work is unique and has such a special feel to it. Most of her sculpts need very little in the way of costumes or wigs, the sculpt is as beautiful naked as it is dressed. She leaves no detail to chance.

I have several Humpties; each will be painted differently. My first thought was to make her a clown. I was inspired by a collection of Shoenhut banners I have. Her costume consists of my new onesie style pull-on body suit with a polka dot corset over, with knit fabric shredded to make a collar and a clown hat with matching trim. She is only blushed on the feet, knees, elbows and hands, I prefer not to blush parts under the clothes. I used soft pastels only for her face up and blushing.When I think of the circus, it is a bitter sweet thought. I love the images of circus animals and all the beautiful colored costumes and clown makeup, but I have always felt that most of the animals would rather be somewhere else. Humpty is sad because she is free, and her heart belongs to the elephants who are not free. She dreams someday to own her own circus…HumptyDumpty’s Circus! …where all the elephants and other circus animals are only pretend.