Khan Released

Ku Jeong Eun of K-Doll has released new doll Khan.

From the artist:

K-doll Store Grand Opening Event

Thank you for visiting after a long interval. specially thanks you didn’t forget K-doll.

and welcome to the first time visitors.

We proceed K-doll store opening event in order to express our gratitude.

we will provide free shipping to everyone purchase Khan Basic during February 25 – March 5.

Regardless of the number, shipping is free!

If you have any questions, mail to kjeasdf@gmail.com and we will answer quickly.

Thank you again.

70cm tall normal skin resin Khan is being sold as a basic blank doll.  Options include eyes (choose from 4 colors), wig (choose from 2 colors), outfit, shoes (glossy or matte) and default face-up.