Dolliverse 6

The annual Dolliverse convention has announced details of this year’s event.

From the convention staff,

The staff of Dolliverse are happily hosting the Dolliverse convention for the 6th year now.

June 16th, 2013
De Bilt (Utrecht), the Netherlands

Dolliverse has a freaky theme this year: join the Circus with our Crea Challenge!

The circus has tickled the imagination for centuries, from the ancient Romans with trained animals, horse shows and staged fights to Cirque Du Soleil – visually stimulating shows – and the famous Freak Shows of the 19th century.

Use the Circus as a starting point for your creation! You may be inspired by every imaginable form.

Choose a style or theme and create a fabulous look. Think of typical materials and get creative!

1st Prize
5 Star Doll 1/6 Ria, normal skin, no face-up *DONATED BY 5 STAR DOLL*
2nd Prize
Doll Leaves 1/12 Xiao Lian, white skin, no face-up *DONATED BY THINK PINK!*
3rd Prize
Angelheim Zena head, normal skin, no face-up *DONATED BY THINK PINK!*

Registrations for participants and visitors are open now, please see the site to send in your application.

Regular updates will be posted on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/dolliverse
And Twitter: https://twitter.com/dolliverse

More news will be updated soon!


5Star Ria