Bat Children

Latidoll is prepaing to release Bat Children. 6 placeholders have been posted on the website, and photos of two of the dolls are featured on the homepage.

From Lati:

Release Schedule: from February 28th 2013 at noon (KST) to March 22nd 2013 at noon (KST)

There will be a special event to celebrate BAT CHILDREN release.

1. Many customers have demanded SUJI event head that we made before. Therefore, we prepared SUJI head again to answer the demand of customers. Customers who place BAT CHILDREN order and finish the payment between February 28th and March 6th will receive one SUJI head. (Heads with no makeup will be shipped and default makeup for those heads cannot be ordered)

Click here to check the picture of SUJI head

2. First 20 customers of new limited edition will receive a paper coffin that can store a Yellow sized doll. The coffin can be a bit small to store a Yellow SP sized doll.

3. New head Noa will be available with [BAT CHILDREN] release.

batchildren1 batchildren2