~Blossom Doll~


Blossom Doll is a small Chinese company which has been releasing 60cm tall girl BJDs as basic dolls or in exquisite full-sets. The slender dolls are the perfect models for these fashions. Below is a short interview with one of the staff at Blossom Doll along with art work and photos of some of their dolls.


Q: When did Blossom Doll open? (In China and internationally)

A: For both domestic and international market, we started our promotion in 2010.

Q: Why did you select Blossom Doll as the name for your company?

irisA: On one hand, it has extensive meaning. it symbolizes the most brilliant moment of a life.  On the other hand, We can see various kinds of flowers in the world, which have different styles and temperaments. The selection of the name gave big inspiration to our future designing.

Q: What do you feel makes Blossom dolls unique?

A: I think this is because we blended some ethnic elements into the designing process, such as the special makeup. But all in all, we focus on our own way to design rather than following the trend.

Q: Many companies are making very curvy dolls with big breasts. Your girl body is beautiful and slender! Was there a specific reason behind this look?

A: We all decided to make a younger girl’s body initially and thought a slim body looks healthy. It’s a question of aesthetics.

Q: Are all of your dolls unlimited? Or are all the full-sets limited?

A: Some of the full-sets are limited, but the head and body are unlimited. 

Q: How many people work on designing the dolls and fashions? How do you develop a doll from an idea to a finished product?

A: There are five persons who are working on different aspects. We spend 2 months to make the ideas to reality.

Q: You currently sell 1/3 size girl dolls. Will you expand to other sizes and to boy dolls as well?

A: We will develop 1\4 girls, which will have some difference from other 1\4 dolls. We hope that people will like them. And we’re planning to develop 1\3 boys this year.





Molly II tan resin

Gine & Olanda

Gine & Olanda



Detail of dress for full-set Olanda II

Detail of dress for full-set Olanda II



Dragon Shoes (white resin version)

Dragon Shoes (white resin version)