BJDcollectasy Site Renewal


At this time, all of the feature articles for 2012 and 2011 have been added to the new website. 2010 is close to completed. 2009 features will be added soon.  For now, all videos are links-only which lead to the video on Youtube. If any PDF downloads or Youtube video links do not work, please let us know.

Once the last of the past feature articles have been added, we will be concentrating on an archive.  At this time, the main information  that we plan to save is new doll releases (including event dolls and doll heads), plus any important company news  (opening, closing, copyright issues, service issues, etc…) There will be less saved on retailers, clothing and accessories. All new doll releases will include at least one photo. If anyone has any suggestions regarding the archive information, please let us know. The dates covered in the archive will be September 2008 to September 2012.


Welcome to BJDcollectasy version 2.0!

The new site currently has most of the features of the old website including daily posts, links, sale event page and weekly features.

The original version of BJDcollectasy developed irreparable problems.  The new version was built from scratch.  Posts and information from the old site could not be re-loaded normally without bringing the problems from the old site into the new site.  As a result, all information on the website is being moved manually. A new gallery section will be added in the future.

The original BJDcollectasy site had over 8500 posts dating from Fall 2008 to present.  To move all of the posts would take nearly a year, so the only daily posts on the site that have been re-loaded in their original form are from the final quarter of 2012.  As older posts have proved useful for research, the older information will be stored under a new section labelled Archive. The Archive section will include all doll release announcements and important doll company information. The archives posts will contain information month-by-month starting September 2012 and working backwards. Not all photos will be included, but any doll releases will include at least one photo.

Most of the previous Feature Articles will be available on the new site  under their link on the top of the BJDcollectasy home page. At this time , all of 2012 and a few articles from 2008 are there.  More will be loaded soon.

Since the site content is being manually moved.  All sign-up information and previous comments have unfortunately been lost.

We are currently considering creating a Convention & Event page. Details of this section have not been worked out at this time. Suggestions for the page are welcome.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope to continue to supply interesting and useful information to BJD collectors well into the future!