#60 Waterfall

gracefaerie designs has a new pattern for Kaye Wiggs,#60 Waterfall. The pattern is for a skirt, peasant blouse and two styles of corsets.

From gracefaerie:

This pattern includes:
1. Corset A: cropped corset that fits snugly over her “skin”, closes in the back with
eyelets and ribbon
2. Corset B: slightly longer corset that fits smoothly over her gauzy peasant blouse, closes
in the back with eyelets and ribbon
3. Peasant Blouse: long sleeves, drawstring neckline, elastic waistline, closes in the back
with snaps
4. Waterfall Skirt: fitted yoke, elegant ruffle “waterfall” profile, closes on the side with
eyelets and ribbon. Drafted to fit perfectly over Nelly’s custom-sized Panties.
5. Complimentary Panties pattern.