Fairyland Valentine Event Dolls

Fairyland’s Valentine Event has started. New dolls MiniFee Celine and PukiFees Vanilla and Choco are now available for pre-order as full package dolls and basic dolls. The full packages are limited to only 68 sets. All of the dolls may be ordered in natural or beautiful white resin.

41cm tall MiniFee Celine Full Package (Morning Glory) comes with the active line large bust body with cutie legs, a random color pair of eyes, face-up, wig, outfit and shoes. A sleeping head may be optionally purchased, with or without a face-up. 15.5cm tall PukiFee Vanilla and Choco Full Package (Space Vanilla & Choco) come with face-up, a random color pair of eyes, sleeping face, 2 sets of hands, wig, outfit, resin space set (gloves.shoes) and helmet in white resin an helmet visor. A face-up for the sleeping faceplate is optionally available.

Basic Celine is sold blank with optional face-up. Optional for the doll is sleeping head with or without face-up. Extra options include her wig, outfit or shoes. Basic Vanilla and Choco are sold blank with optional face-up. A sleeping face-plate (blank or with face-up) may be purchased with the dolls. Also available as extra options are the wig, outfit or space set. The extra options are limited in quantity and will no longer be offered once they are sold out.