Fairy Land Event

Fairyland has announced a Valentine event. The event will start soon.

From the company:

Thank you for participating series of 10 year anniversary events in 2012.
We are more than happy to announce our first 2013 event to celebrate upcoming Valentine’s day and release of new dolls.

Duration : February 8th, 2013 ~ March 22nd, 2013

2013 Valentine Event

a. $400 or above : pukiFee Space Helmet (does not include the visor)
b. $600 or above : MiniFee Head (Siean Elf)
c. $600 or above : MiniFee Head (Yder Elf)
d. $900 or above : Two choices from a, b, or c
e. $1200 or above : All of a, b, and c

– Above price EXCLUDES shipping fee.

– Chosen event gift(s) must be included together in the order cart to receive it.

– Order containing wrong event gift will be cancelled by the administrator and refunded if payment has already been made.

– For option d or e, your order needs to contain either two or three ‘event gift’ of appropriate option.

– For option d and e, you can’t choose more than one event gift from the same gift category.
(eg. You can’t have option AAA or AAB and so on. It must be either ABC or AB, AC, or BC).