LeekeWorld for February

Leeke World has published their schedule for February.  Two L Type dolls will be available for pre-order.  A new Project Doll will be released on Valentine’s Day.

From the company:

Jan 24th~Feb 3rd – Pre-order the D400 and D24
-. Pre-order the Glass eyes.

Feb 4th ~ 11th – Pre-order the K.Round Eyes
-. Pre-order the Kanis Glass eyes.

Feb 4th ~ 20th – (Pre-order) Khal&Chris + Soild muscle body
-. DollLeeke L type
-. Basic Skin

Feb 8th – Update the items ONLY for Premium Membership

Feb 12th ~ 24th – “COLOR VARIATION” Event
-. It is possible to choose the size of wigs and the diverse colors.

Feb 14th – Project Doll

Feb 15th – Horn Parts
-. Restock the some of the Horn Parts which they are sold out.

Feb 18th – General Sales
-. Wigs, Shoes, Outfits and eyes.
-. The Winter Event items will be sale (Except the Limited items)

Feb 18th ~ 24th – Winter Limited colors – Canceled quantity
-. We will update Winter Event items only canceled quantity.

Feb 26th – Art Wigs
-. The Art Wigs will be sale in general sales.

L-Type Chris

L-Type Chris