Nympheas Doll News

Nympheas Dolls artist K6 has posted two notices regarding her schedule and changes to her company.

From the artist:

As you probably know, I’m alone to manage Nympheas Dolls and expecting a happy event I have to close the company for a short moment
you can always email me and reserve a model pending the reopening of sales.
I prepared a lot of new models to be released progressively from March / April with Fantasia, Shafeuy (strange cat), Capricia and Nymphelys
that I show you soon

Exceptionally i will have 3 nymphettes OOAK special Valentine in February and Nymphette Moka Rabbit is OOAK version and avalaible for adoption,  contact me to learn more  !


Hello everyone, I am sorry to tell you that I’m going to raise the prices of my dolls, in fact I will change status of my company
and I will pay more taxes, the new rates represent the amortization of these taxes and non profit additional staff.
The good news is that the dolls in stock now keep their original price but if these models will be reproduced in the future the new price will be apply,
so enjoy this last chance to buy a doll with a better price

If NympheasDolls grows it is also thanks to you and your support … thank you so with all my heart!



Nymphette Moka Rabbit