Wheel of Fortune Arno

A new Tarot Card Doll has been released at Soul Doll, Tarot Card 10: The Wheel of Fortune Arno. The 65.5cm tall doll is cast in grey resin. Basic Arno comes with Souldoll eyes.  Options for the doll include face-up (choose from 2 styles), body blushing, outfit, wig, shoes, grip hand, resin weapons (long sword, wheel weapon set), and painting for weapons.

Arno is a limited edition. This is the first pre-order for him.

From the company:

1st order period : 2013.01.18 ~ 2013.02.06
* We will receive order of this doll in total 3 times.
2nd and 3rd order period will be noticed later through notice board and email.