IpleHouse News

IpleHouse has decided to halt the sale of EID dolls. The last remaining basic dolls will be sold at the end of the month. EID dolls will ater return with improved joints.

From the company:

Hello, this is Iplehouse.

We decided to stop EID line sales for a while to organize EID line. Currently we are designing EID body and we are planning to release them in first half of the year. Also please understand that due to increase in expenses and labor cost we have to adjust price of new EID line.

For reference there won’t be a big difference between old EID body and new EID body, only joints will be change like nYID body. Since there won¡¯t be a difference in appearance, there won¡¯t be any change in clothes, shoes or wigs.

Sorry to customers who were planning to order EID by announcing this news so suddenly. Since we have some EID basic dolls in stock, we are planning to offer these dolls in 5% discount price. We will post stock list and related news on January 23rd.

Currently our web site is divided into 4 different sites, so it may cause confusion. So we will release all the dolls in stock in English site. In case of customers who are using Korean, Japanese and Chinese site, please check it through Q&A board first and we will upload them in your name so you can order them.

If it is hard for you to order them in certain time period, please put the doll in your shopping cart and leave your user ID and password in Q&A board and we will order them for you.

Since there are many characters in EID line, whole stock list will look pretty long. But if you consider each option(skin color/thigh type/bust size), we may not have a doll in option which you prefer. So if you are planning to order EID, please order them fast since we only have few in stock. Also please be aware that if down payment isn’t paid within 3 days, order gets automatically canceled and the doll can be sent to another customer.

Also we can offer 2 months layaway for EID stock dolls. Please settle the payment by due date.

Since all the doll is already made, if you order a doll without make up we can send them right away. If you add make up, it will take about 10 days. Please be aware that since dolls are already made we can’t change option.(skin color, bust size, body type, thigh type)


Iplehouse has also instituted new policies regarding doll orders:

As a part of 2013 New Year resolution, we have checked our work flow to build a better system. To provide better service to all of our customers we are solving some of the problems and considering several solutions. And to provide better service we had to change some policies. Also please understand that we have to ask for your corporation in some cases.

First, we can offer combining shipping only one time for an order. Also in case of an order without a doll, they are packed immediately and sent within 24 hours so we can’t offer combining shipping. Also to avoid redundancy it will be more convenient if you add items week before estimated shipping time. Currently we have difficulties in managing orders because of several combining shipping and this can cause delay in delivery. So unfortunately we had to limit combining shipping to only one time.

Second, please order make up, body brushing and piercing with a doll. It is hard to accept these orders when it is added later without a doll. Sometimes piercing or body brushing is requested after a doll is already packed. And this case we have to unpack them and un-assemble them to add body brushing and this can also cause delay in delivery. Also this will delay other customer’s orders too so please check it carefully before ordering. 
However in case of doll orders, you can change option within 3 days so if you want to add make up, body brushing or piercing within 3 days, please cancel your order and make a new one. And leave a message in Q&A board and we will transfer the payment to your new account.

Third, in case of layaway we won’t offer points anymore. Please understand that we had to offer benefit to customers who pay the full amount. Also please divide payment into 2-4 times. If you divide the payment into very small amount it is hard to check them all. Also please follow all the layaway policy we have posted on FAQ.

Fourth, in case of CDS order, please leave a message about make up in comment box when you order. If you don’t  leave a message in comment box, we have to send a mail to you to check what kind of make up you want to get and this can delay your order.
In case of CDS make up, we can offer any kind of make up which is posted on our site. But if you want to customize make up like, Jessica’s eyebrow, Ashanti’s lips, do not select CDS make up and please order custom make up instead. 

We are asking for your corporation to offer better and faster service to more customers so please understand our situation. We believe that these little help can make a big difference.

Finally thank you for giving us your support and consideration as always.