DikaDoll Update

DikaDoll has released three new dolls; two 1/4  girls, Amanda & Edime (girl version), and 1/12 size Pet Doll Bunny.

43cm tall Edime and Amanda are sold as basic dolls with a random pair of eyes included. The tiny bunny is 6.5cm tall to the top of his head and 11.5cm to the top of his ears. He is also sold as a basic doll, but eyes are not included. All of  the dolls may be ordered in a choice of normal yellow, normal pink, pure white, ivory white, tan or grey skin resin. Face-ups are optionally available. The Bunny may be ordered with closed mouth or buck-teeth face-up.

DikaDoll agents include  Mint on Card (USA), Alice’s CollectionsRoseDolls (UK), LegendDoll of Japan, Indollgence (Australia), All the Way Down(Italy, EU), eBay seller jeeryama,and Chinese doll agent Catas HERE on Den of Angels.

(From left) Edime girl and Amanda

(From left) Edime girl and Amanda