IrrealDoll News

IrrealDoll is working on filling orders. An update on the status of the pre-orders has been released. New items are in-process. Unicorn hats in a wide choice of colors are now available.

From the company:

Finally all the Inos are done (I just have to send two!) and I am working with the fourth Enyo pre-order.
Moreover I am working in a new head for the old Suichi body (and finish the body!) and I have an “Enyo surprise”. I just can say that I am going to do a special edition, more info soon! <3

On the other hand I want to announce a pre-order from my talented sister RisRas. She is taking orders of her unicorn hats for Engendritos, really cute!! You can see all the info here: http://atelierisras.blogspot.com.es/2013/01/unicornios-2-edicion.html