DollClans Schedule Posted

DollClans has posted a tentative work schedule for the first half of 2013. A unique doll head will be available for purchase by lottery. in spring. Current doll heads and full dolls will be sold in spring as well. A new doll will be introduced at the beginning of summer.

From the company:

Greeting from DollClans,

We would like to announce our sale and work plan.

Sale and work schedule (January ~ June 2013)

31st January
– The last day of event “Holidays Blessing 2012 Event”.

February ~ March
– Late February ~ March : Shipping schedule for December 2012 pre-order.
February ~ March : Demon project. One limited quantity item. Lottery sale. Information and sale date are to be announced.

Pre-order : Kien head, Vezeto head, Jaquer head and full doll, U Line body. Date is to be announced.

– Anniversary event
u line body, kien, vezeto, jaguer, 

* All sale schedule and sale doll might be changed, due to various issues. We seek for your understanding.
* Shipping schedule is settle by estimate shipping time of 45~60 working days after pre-order was closed (excluded weekends and DollClans holidays). Make-up heads please add extra 15~20 working days.
* Shipping schedule might be delay in case if there is any weather problems, which will cause the delay in production. However we will work with our schedule.