January Sales at The Gem(Updated January 8)

The Gem will be holding a Post MD sale this month.

From the company:

+++++ [EVENT] 2013 Winter POST MD +++++

Ordering period : Jan. 11th 2013 (AM 09:30 – Korea standard time) ~ Jan. 15th 2013 (AM 09:30 – Korea standard time) => 4 days
★ Selected candidates announcement: Jan. 15th 2013 (Wed.) in the afternoon (Korea time) through a notice on the SOOM website.
★ Registration with the application form (see below) and lottery holding.
★ Take a look at the MD list and write a secret comment with the name of the chosen doll, parts and options.
★ Please leave ONE comment per doll.
Ex) If you want to apply for 3 dolls, please write 3 separate comments.
* Comment style : [doll type / optional items / a valid e-mail address / participant name / Soom ID]
Ex) [Ario / body blushing / face-up / outfit / eyes / wig / shoes / soom@soom.com / Soom Lee / soomID]
★ You cannot select more than one doll of the same type, but you can choose several dolls of different types
Ex) You cannot apply for two Ario, but an application for one Ario and another for one Argil is OK).
★ You cannot select more than one option of the same category (2 outfits = X).
★ It is not possible to order accessories separately without ordering a doll.
Ex) Application for one Bazael outfit and one wig, but no Bazael doll = X
★ The event may close earlier than previously announced if there are too many participants.

★ The price of the items is the same as those displayed on the website.
★ Please check the list and the selected items once more before you post the comment.
★ A notice with the list of the selected participants will be published on the Soom website on Jan. 15th (Tue.) 2013 in the afternoon (Korea time).
Also, an individual e-mail explaining how to purchase the dolls will be sent to each one.
★ If you are selected, you will have to complete the full payment of your order by November the 18th 2013 (no layaway allowed).
★ Some options may be unavailable. Please kindly understand this point…
★ We will ship out the order within 2 weeks from the full payment date (however, we will ship it one month later if face-up and /or body blushing is ordered).
★ Since you cannot cancel your order after you have been selected, please make your decision carefully before applying.
★ Since these items are event goods, we will not grant any point or accept any layaway payment.

!!!!! For dolls available in several skin types, please specify the skin type you want.
Ex: /Bazael gray/ or /Bazael cream white/

Addition added to The Gem January 8:

This is Victoria from the SOOM customer service.

We have modified 2 point of our Post MD Winter 2013 notice.

Please kindly check the modified information as shown below:

★ The application period is from Jan. 11th (Fri.), 9:30 am to Jan. 15th (Tue.) 2013, 9:30 am (Korea time).
At that time, a new event board will be opened.
Please DO NOT use the Q&A board for posting your application !

★ If you are selected for the event, you will have to complete the full payment of your order
by January 18th 2013 (no layaway allowed).lotterysalethegem2013

Bi-Weekly Clothes Sale Event

Starting Jan. 17th 2013, we will organize a new Post Biweekly Clothes sale.

The clothes will be sold until supplies last.

Here is the list of the Biweekly Clothes you will be able to purchase: