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Throughout 2013, BJDcollectasy will be introducing various dolls created by Nefer Kane styled by other artists as members of Circus Troupe Circus Kane. We are happy to launch this series with the work of the talented face-up artist and doll costume maker Heliantas. The doll shown in her project is Nefer’s Ettie.


By Heliantas

I met Nefer thanks to the web. We shared our passion for BJD so we became friends.
I work in the BJD world. I create face-ups and OOAK dresses for BJD on commissions, even if I am first and foremost a bjd collector and lover.

When I saw the first resin doll of Nefer, I was amazed. She has a vision of the doll that nobody else has, and her world full of poetry and imagination is all that I love.

We decided to work together in implementing a system which allows her customers to commission me if they like my face-up works.

I must say the dolls of Nefer are all that I love! I love to work on her dolls, they are so delicate, so detailed. It’s a real pleasure to highlight her dolls.

I’ve worked on commissions on Aleah, Humpty, Suzy, Iracebeth and Ettie .. and I hope soon on Nexeven too!

For Ettie, on the very first day when Nefer presented Ettie on her blog, it was a real revelation for me. I had to have HER …. At the first vision, I knew what she was going to be… with her white resin, I dreamed her in rose color tones …. Nefer relied on the swan to create her, but with my desire of pink I saw her as a flamingo, really graceful.

The makeup was done quickly, and the delicacy of her body made ​​me want a tattoo. For the tattoo I work with watercolor pencil for the line and Pastel for the colors. For the body blushing I work also with pastels.

For the outfit, the feathers, pink and white, were enhanced with a touch of green to give pep to all of it. And what better than this dreamful Ettie to have her place in this circus theme! I love the circus named “le Cirque du Soleil”, a group that run in all the world with wonderful colorful costumes. Ettie is perfect to represent “le Cirque du Soleil” to my mind!

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Ettie the Acrobat preforms on horseback, on the trapeze and on the high wire at Circus Kane:





Heliantas’ face-up and body blushing of Ettie:







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