Love60 Girls

Sadol has new released the new Love60 line dolls and parts.  Haerang and Yena are available as basic dolls, full-sets and as heads only.  The Love60 girl body is also available separately.

From the company:

Happy New Year~

We have released a lovely girl,
sadol LOVE60!

[Released items]

*Heroine [Haerang]
*Heroine [Yena]
*sadol LOVE60 body

Please give us your interest and love.
Thank you.

The dolls and parts are available in normal skin resin only. Basic Haerang and Yena come with a gift panty and stocking set. Options for the dolls include face-up and heel leg parts. Full-set dolls come with face-up, glass eyes, heel leg parts, wig, outfit and shoes. The Haerang and Yena heads are sold blank with optional face-up.