April Story for January

April Story has opened a Gift Box Event for January. Four 1/3 size Senior line dolls are available. The BJDs are sold in pairs with a 30% discount.

From the company:

Hello, this is April Story!

We are happily announcing you our 4 types of new dolls for January.

ASD Senior Boy SIN (View Details)

ASD Senior Boy RU (View Details)

ASD Senior Girl SU (View Details)

ASD Senior Girl MYO (View Details)

Please click ‘View Details’ and check out our new faces

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< January 2013 Giftbox Event >

Gift box for combined purchase of two dolls of January new released dolls.

You can get more discounts for this than purchasing a single doll!

* Applicable items: January new released dolls SIN, RU, SU, MYO

* Event Period: January 2nd ~ January 31st in Korean time (Gift box quantity limited to 20 boxes)

* The event will early finish if the prepared quantity is sold out.

* Please be aware:
– If you purchase a Girl for the Gift box, please choose desired breast size (A, B, C).
– If you purchase a Boy for the Gift box, please choose ‘Boy’ for the breast size option.

Please ask us on Q&A board if you have any question about the event.

All of the dolls are available in normal or white skin resin.  Face-up service for one or both dolls selected is available.  Girl dolls may be ordered with breast size A, B, or C, and with heel feet and/or heel legs.