Withdoll Anniversary Event

WithDoll has started an event for their 2nd Anniversary. Some limited edition dolls have returned. a discount on basic doll bodies is available.

From Withdoll:

December 30th of 2012 is our 2nd Anniversary. To celebrate the 2nd anniversary, we are going to have an event .


* Event Period : December 30th to January 10th
* 15% discount of limited and basic doll body
* Stock out products are limited by 5 and will be sold from Dec. 30th 00:00 (Korean time)
pertinent dolls : Holloween ver. Cathy, Vampire ver. Rachel, Dark Knight ver. Priscilla, Vampire ver. Dante, Dark Knight ver. Fenrir

These limited dolls selling will be end Jan. 10th even though doll’s quantity is left.
We ask for your interest and participation.
Thank you.


Dark Knight Priscilla

Vampire Dante