Sugarble Event

Sugarble has released “the ladies”; no.6-R Adela, no.4-R Darlene and no.3-R Serena. The 26 cm tall Supersleek R dolls are available at a discount for the next two weeks.

From the company:

>Merry Christmas~!!

Hello everyone, this is SUGARBLE.
With the Christmas and the year coming to close, we are planning to hold a surprise release.
The most beloved models of SUGARBLE dolls will be released with a special, beautiful and adorable outfits and items.
Also there will be several events for customers, so this is the just chance!

Event no.1 (Dec.24th ~ Jan.7th : for 15days)
– 10% discount for Full body (body + head)

Event no.2 (Dec.24th ~ Jan.7th : for 15days)
– One of the special components Ladies had equipped will be given for free.
(note : for Grim Reaper parts including scythe and wings, paying extra 10 dollar will be needed)

Event no.3 (Dec.24th ~ Jan.22th : for a month)
– Beautiful dresses will be on sale as a limited offer, only during the event,
due to the delicate decorations such as ribbons and beads on each and every one of them.

Event no.4 (Dec.24th ~ Jan.22th : for a month)
For every customers those upload the picture of “The Ladies”, showing the moment of their trip(including a snapshot of opening seal box, ordinary review,
or any photograph containing artistic features), we offer 10points.
And the best pictures will be awarded by SUGARBLE, and we offer 50points to the contributors.
note : each point is as same value as 1dollar, can be used for any purchase on SUGARBLE website in the future. The number of winners will be announced later on, following
the pictures’ quality and the circumstances of us.

Event no.5 (Dec.24th ~ till the end of the event)
A special seal box will be given to customers those purchase “The Ladies” during the event period.
The standard seal box is also available, please make your choice as you place your order!

Adela, Serena and Darlene may b ordered with girl body, intersex body or glamour body in normal, pure bright or pale grey resin. Options include face-up, body blushing, outfit, resin part sets, wig, and choice of standard or special “sealing box”. (The special box for each doll is custom-colored to match her outfit.)  Gift part sets available include fox parts, angel wings, and grim reaper parts. The fox parts and angel wings are free.  The reaper parts cost $10.  The parts come blank.  Customers may order the parts painted for an additional fee.

Darlene with fox parts

Serena with Reaper parts

Adela with angel wings