~Elf Hat & Collar~ Part 2: The Collar


By Martha Boers of Antique Lilac

Collar Instructions

Part 1: Make a Festive Elf Hat

*this pattern was designed to fit an Iplehouse BID, or any other doll with a 7″ head circumference, and wearing a wig.

Each Holiday season, all my tiny dolls dress up as elves to frolic in the decorations, play in the snow, and help Saint Nicholas. This pattern tutorial is for the hat and collar, which will turn my “Simple BID Dress” into an Elf costume. The free patterns and instructions for the Simple BID Dress can be found on my website – HERE.

Materials for projects:
– red, green, and striped fabrics, and small strip of light green stretch fabric
– matching coloured thread
– scissors
– pencil
– Fray Check
– needles and pins
– red and green embroidery floss
– one medium size bell and 23 tiny bells
– beads & ribbon for embellishment

General Instructions:

1. Download and print pattern pdf, and cut out patterns. Note that several of the pattern pieces are templates, which do not include seam allowances. Trace hat brim template onto fabric with pencil.

Elf-Hat-Collar -Pattern-pdf


Hat instructions may be found HERE.


Collar Instructions:

C-1. Pin traced collar onto second layer of fabric and cut out making sure to add a 1/4 to 3/8″ seam allowance around all edges. *Do NOT cut the center back opening apart yet.


C-2. Carefully machine stitch along traced line around edge of collar, making sure to always take one stitch at all the inside corners. (*Don’t just pivot and turn. Taking the single stitch across the end makes it easier to clip later) Apply a single drop of Fray Check to every inner and outer point. When dry, clip corners, and all curved edges, and carefully cut center back open.


C-3 Turn right side out, carefully working out the points with a needle. Hand-baste along all the edges. Press.


C-4. Cut out collar neckband from stretchy material. Mark center with pin. Mark center front of collar with pin.


C-5. Clip collar neckline (LESS than 1/4″ seam allowance) With right sides together, match up center front, and pin neckband to collar. Neckband will extend beyond back edges of collar


C-6. Hand baste then the machine stitch. Clip neckline curve some more. Remove basting thread from around outside collar edges.


C-7. Fold neckband edges under and pin.


C-8. Hand-stitch wrong side of collar neckband into place, and sew a snap closure at back opening.


C-9. With contrasting embroidery thread, chain-stitch just inside outside edge of collar. (Chain-stitch instructions here – http://www.antiquelilac.com/embellish-with-chain-stitch—tutorials.html. )  Embellish with beads and tiny bells as shown. Sew hook and eye on underside halfway down back opening.







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