Caramel Lyse

Lillycat – Cerisedolls now has a new doll available on the website for a short time only.  57.5 cm tall Lyse is cast in caramel skin resin.

From Lillycat:

A new doll will be available in only few hours on www.lillycat.net
Her name is Lyse she is about 57,5cm tall and will come with a beautiful Caramel skin.
30 dolls will be available during this sale. She is not a limited edition and will be offer for sale again.
As always Taxes free price is offer for non European customers, you just have to create an account
on the website to see your free taxes price. 3 times layaways are still available.

Lyse is a “ready to custom” doll. She comes blank with fully sanded seams. Lyse will come with a pair of high heels feet, pink glass eyes and a “surprise goodie”.