JunkySpot News

Junkyspot now has the long awaited cans of Mr Super Clear flat and UV Cut in-stock.  The shop has just received a large Obitsu and Parabox shipment including re-stocks and new items. A shipment of Limhwa dolls will be arriving at the store soon. Junkyspot exclusive Hujoo Freya cat is now once again in stock. Some minor changes have been made to the head-cap.  Freya is available in white or grey.

From Junkyspot:

Today we restocked on a bunch of items, including most Obitsu bodies from 11cm to 60cm! We also restocked on doll stands, Obitsu 1/6th Dogs, Parabox eye decals, heads of all sizes, and more, more, more! New this shipment are the Parabox prepainted Usako and Cocco heads! Also, new Parabox eye decals!
We’re expecting a shipment from Limhwa to restock us on some models, and also to bring us some of their MSD and smaller dolls in Limhwa Tan!  (This color is no longer available for their 57-60cm dolls.)