“Kronprintz” by Freedomteller

FreedomTeller has introduced a new Limited Edition outfit set called Kronprintz.

From the company:

Limited ‘Kronprintz’ in all sizes Pre-order Period on FreedomTeller.net


[ Kronprintz ] is Freedom Teller’s recreation of Austria’s crown prince Rodolf’s outfit.

While using bold red and gold ornaments to symbolize royalty, we still kept our design moderate.

We have two colored sets prepared: Royal Blue set to represent royalty which is
traditionally used in uniforms like this. White to represent pureness and peace.

This set can be tailored in SD17, SD13, USD, EID, SID sizes.

We hope this outfit will remain in your memories as a beautiful set that will brighten your winter of 2012.

*** International Pre-order Period: December 01 ~ December 25
*** Expected Shipping Period: December 20 ~ January 20

* We will ship all orders in order they were placed and paid.

* Please note if we receive high volumes of order, shipping period may be delayed.
When in case of back order, we will inform customers who ordered.

* If you collect the illust. cards sent with these limited sets,
you will receive special opportunities and chances in the future event.
For further information, please refer to our notifications on ‘Illust Card” event notification made in August 2012.