1/2 size Alice

Spirit Doll has released the  Last Wonderland series doll, limited edition 1/2 size Alice (75 cm tall).  Only 50 full-set dolls will be available.

From the company:

The model doll is in white skin. Customer can choose between white skin and normal skin. Face-up and body blushing service are available for the limited doll.

Including Alice (nude doll, white skin or normal skin), the outfits, wigs, eyes and shoes in the picture.


Dear All,

Thank you very much for your continuous support. Now we would like to present you with our 2013 limited doll — 1/2 Alice. She is the last limited doll for our Wonderland series.

1. The face-up and body blushing is with texture using special techniques. It takes at least three month for the face-up and body blushing to be done.

2. The doll is not sanded. The tiny seam line can be seen.

3. The body blushing picture can be seen here: http://www.spiritdoll.net/node/292

Thank you very much for your time! ^^